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Quasar Sparks - large pendant

Sparks is a modular lighting system which consists of three different modules with the ability to be arranged in various configurations to form a three-dimensional structure. It can be mounted onto a wall, onto the ceiling or used as a pendant lamp with wires (as shown here). The elements are plugged together in a simple, easy to use system and can be shaped according to your own wish.

This set contains a pendant lamp on two wires with 10 light modules.

Aluminium, white powder coated or polished

10 light modules containing LEDs, total power of 46W and 3760lm
2700K warm white / CRI 90+

Approximate dimensions (L x W x H)
300 x 125 x 80 cm

Other sizes as well as lots of options for customisation are available on request.
Lead time: 6-10 weeks

Handmade in the Netherlands, designed by Daniel Becker

The inspiration for the design originated in the observation of regular geometric shapes in combination with biological forms like tree branches and hedge structures. During the process, we analysed the logical connections of the angles within complex geometric figures on which the shapes of Sparks’ modules are based on. The goal was to reach always a dynamic, tense installation, no matter how the modules are connected.


Our lamps are handmade of solid metals and completed with precious finishes. We avoid the use of plastics as much as possible so that our products last more than a lifetime.


We produce locally in our manufacture in Berlin with the majority of suppliers coming from the region. We avoid the use of toxic materials and use non-plastic packaging.


Are you interested in a different color, finish, size or shape?
We can make it possible, please get in touch!

Quasar Sparks - large pendant