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Charlotte stages light with a noble yet minimalistic frame structure.
The construction of the fixture is reduced to the essential minimum with its frame structure providing the electricity for the LEDs without any visible cables. When turned off, Charlotte is a refined sculptural object with subtle technical detailing referencing heavy metalwork. Turned on, its light sources seem to float in space weightlessly.
The proportions of the luminaire have been designed to fit large tables. We took great care about its light distribution, the two upper LED sources emit the light directly upwards, the other two illuminate the table surface generously. Charlotte fills the space with a highly pleasant, non-blinding light.

Shade: brushed brass
Canopy: white powder coated steel

LxWxH: 119 x 41 x 41cm

4x LED strip, each 9W, 900lm, 3000K CRI 92
total power 36W, 3600lm
220V or 120V (compatible with all Europe, Americas and Asia)

Handmade to order within 3-5 weeks
designed by Daniel Becker
Being based in Berlin, we got inspired by the traces which the 1920ies left in the city while looking for a striking visual motif. The newest generation of filament LEDs are remarkably thin while still being completely even and homogeneous in their light output. They have no visible dots anymore and draw a sharp, intense line. Our target was to use those thin filaments in a non-engineered aesthetic, with an elegance that is not sacrificing on technical sophistication and testing limits. We achieved an unusually lightweight design out of brass, which is a solid, gracefully aging material.


Our lamps are handmade of solid metals and completed with precious finishes. We avoid the use of plastics as much as possible so that our products last more than a lifetime.


We produce locally in our manufacture in Berlin with the majority of suppliers coming from the region. We avoid the use of toxic materials and use non-plastic packaging.


Are you interested in a different color, finish, size or shape?
We can make it possible, please get in touch!