Neva Chandelier
Neva Chandelier

Neva Chandelier

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The design of Neva started with having the atmosphere of a special winter scene in mind: a group of long icicles hanging from a house roof, the low sunlight breaking through the ice creating a crystalline play of light. The thought arose of fixing this fleeting moment and transferring it into the living space.

In order to achieve this effect as atmospherically as possible, we studied the reflection and refraction properties of various types of glass. We had in mind to find a form that was as minimalistic as possible but nevertheless decorative, which would be emphasized by the combination of different cross-sections and finishes. A fine, organic metal frame creates a reference to nature without distracting too much from the play of light in the glasses.

Neva is entirely Handmade in Italy of Murano glass, steel and brass.

Murano glass, steel frame, solid brass bushes

Measures of the lamp:
113 x 36 x h 90cm

24x G4 LED bulb, each 2W, 100lm, 2700K
total power 48W, 4800lm
220V (EU) or 120V

Handmade to order within 4-6 weeks
designed by Daniel Becker